miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Los Angeles police arrested more than 300 people in evacuation camp "outraged"

The United States riot police finally cleared the camp was "outraged" that was in front of the municipal headquarters in Los Angeles, after tense hours after an ultimatum expired authorities.
                         Policía de Los Ángeles detuvo a más de 300 personas en desalojo de campamento 'indignado'
The operation was carried out peacefully and without deployment of tear gas, as has happened in other cities where similar events have occurredOnly there were some scuffles between players and participants in the protest.

The camp, which remained in place for weeks, was one of the largest West Coast Grew toabout 500 stores and 700 to 800 occupants.

The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, had tolerated the protest of the "outraged" and even ordered that they be given shelter from the cold.

However, he decided to act after complaints from neighbors and authorities on public health problems and damage to property associated with the camp.

The mayor's strategy was to establish a deadline for eviction on Monday, which did not apply for 48 hours to facilitate most of the protesters to leave.

In another eviction occurred in the last hours, a group of protesters left their camp in Philadelphia without incident. However, riots triggered after departure left a toll of some 50detainees.

Somali pirates free tanker hijacked in April but kept four hostages

Somali pirates threatening shipping routes in northeast Africa which left a tanker into their custody for seven months and released 21 of its crew.                                  Piratas somalíes liberan tanquero secuestrado desde abril pero mantienen 4 rehenes
The band was left with four South Korean nationals, who held hostage.

The pirates disembarked their prisoners and now hiding somewhere in the Somali territory,become virtual "no man's land" by the continued internal conflicts affecting the African country.

The ship, the MT Gemini, was based in Singapore and was carrying 28,000 tonnes of palm oilfrom Indonesia when he was intercepted off the coast of Indonesia on 16 April.

The freed hostages, 13 Indonesians, five Chinese and three citizens of Myanmar, were in good physical condition.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea said it cooperates closely with the Glory Ship Management company, which owns the vessel, to obtain the release of the four remaininghostages, but reiterated that country's policy of not negotiating with pirates.

In enereo past, South Korean military forces conducted an operation against hijackers who had boarded a cargo vessel of that nationality. The troops killed eight pirates and took another five to Seoul, where they were tried and given long sentences.

Amounted to 666 killed by the floods in Thailand

 The Thai authorities today raised to 666 the number killed by the severe floods that hit the southnowafter causing havoc in central and north in the last four months.                              
Three others were missing Thursday.

Floods affect more than 5 million people in 21 provinces including the southern Songkla and the capital, according to the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation.

In several districts of Bangkok have been sporadic riots that have been broken on several occasions some of the barriers of sandbags, placed by the Government to maintain the financial and capital the center of the dry, to release the water that floods their homes and businesses for a month.
Authorities ask for patience from the neighbors to get the water draining down the north to the Gulf of Thailand to the rise of popular discontent.

The floods began in July by heavy monsoon rains and the large amount of water accumulated in the swamps.
The worst flooding in 50 years have forced hundreds of thousands of people living in evacuation centersThe main problem has not been a greater amount of rainfall this year than others, butthe lack of coordination of the authorities to manage water fall through the network of canals and reservoirs in the country, analysts said.

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Iran says U.S. has prevented and Israel spies infiltrate their territory

The Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi, said his department has foiled most attempts by U.S. intelligence services and Israel, the CIA and Mossadto infiltrate personnel within thecountry or commit attacks against scientists.

"Most of the plots hatched by the Americans and the Mosad to employ people in Iran failed,while those who were drawn to be of service to have been arrested," Moslehi said yesterdayfollowing a ministerial meeting, said today the local agency "Fars".
                              Irán afirma que ha impedido a EE.UU. e Israel infiltrar espías en su territorio
The minister said flatly: "We have absolute control of those who were deceived and those whohave shown an affinity for the enemy."

According to Moslehi, the U.S. and Israeli secret services try to attract Iranian scientiststraveling abroad and online, but said that "most of the time fail," and praised the "good control of the Iranian intelligence apparatus (which he heads) on these activities. "

The minister's remarks came days after an Iranian parliamentarian indicates that a dozensuspected spies working for the American CIA had recently been arrested by the intelligence services of Iran and the Lebanese Shiite Muslim armed group Hezbollah.

Last May, Moslehi also reported the arrest of 30 suspected spies working for the U.S.Hezbollah and Israel and other arrests reported this year.

Iran has repeatedly accused the CIA and Mossad involved in the killing of several Iranian nuclear scientists and try to boycott its nuclear facilities with computer viruses.

Bloody day in Iraq: 17 dead and 50 wounded in wave of attacks

At least 17 people were killed and some 50 wounded in various attacks in Iraq, including one that could have been caused by a suicide bomber near a prison outside Baghdad.                               Sangrienta jornada en Irak: 17 muertos y 50 heridos en ola de atentados
This wave of attacks occur within weeks of the end of the operations of U.S. military withdrawalafter eight years in the country, causing concerns about the ability of Iraqi security forces to ensure stability and security.

A car bomb exploded outside the main entrance Hut prison in Taji, causing, according to anInterior Ministry source, 13 dead and 28 wounded.


About the Parliament, located in the green zone, two people died and one Iraqi deputy was wounded by a mortar round on Monday, said a parliamentarian and security officials.

"A mortar shell landed near the car park of the parliament. A colleague (the deputy) to TayebMujahid was wounded," he said MP Ali al Chila. Another member of the Defense Ministry for its part reported three dead and four wounded.

In Kirkuk, a provincial council member in the region, Ali Mahdi, was hit by three bombs, but was unharmed, according to General Turhan Abdulrahman.

viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Germany is suffering a "disastrous" auction of 10-year debt

Until 23th november, Germany was seen as one of the strongest economies to face the crisis of the Euro Zone. But the warning of a contagion to the center of Europe went on to strongly yesterday after the first time, the German government could not place all bond market debt.
In an auction that was seen by analysts as "completely disastrous" Germany could only put 65% of the six billion euros in bonds issued ten-year term. The situation brought down the price of the euro to its lowest level against the dollar since early October.In response, the possibility that the European Central Bank to issue bonds (called "Eurobonds"), which would be funded by the stronger economies like Germany and France, re-emerged as the most practical in the short term. While German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated his rejection of this idea, the president of the European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, presented two draft legislation for the first joint debt issues.This proposal is to increase the economic and budgetary discipline in the EU, intervening country budgets before approval. Also included are three options for carrying it out, that all national debt bonds of the euro countries are replaced by common issues, that only part of the national debt issue is linked with the rest of the euro, or to be created Eurobonds for only part of the debt, secured shared with the size of member economies.The political discussion on the topic again today, in the first meeting to meet Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian Premier Mario Monti.The lack of interest among investors to buy bonds of Germany results in a warning to the authorities ensure that the crisis "will not end as the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers," said Marc Ostwald, strategist at Monument international brokerage Securities."O act together to find an immediate solution, which would mean a tremendous 'debt write' level governments and the ECB or the markets will continue disarming the Euro Zone," he said.Yesterday, the major indexes in Europe closed its eighth session negative. The London FTSE did so with a low of 1.29%, Germany's DAX fell 1.44%, and the Spanish IBEX lost 2.1%. The most beaten Italian was the FTSE MIB, which fell 2.59%.EuroThe "failure" of the issue of Germany brought down the euro to its lowest level against the dollar since early October.Germany in trouble B 83,900 million euros in Germany managed to place 10-year bond term. The placement was originally six billion euros.Emerging stock markets fall to crisis levels of 2009With seven days of consecutive decline, emerging markets have suffered the most extensive down time from the 2009 economic crisis. The MSCI Emerging Markets ended down 2.65% and reached its lowest level since October 7 this year, with 885 points.The first to be negative economic signals the collapse of the manufacturing indexes in China and the failed German bond issues were the Asian markets of Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea, which exceeded the 2% loss.Later would be in America: Brazil's Bovespa fell 1.62% and in Chile, the IPSA closed down 2.68%, accumulating a negative change in November so far of 7.18%, and 18 , 49% in the year.

London chooses not to share military information to Moscow

The British government said Friday it will share military information with Russia under the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) to that country's refusal to comply with this agreement.                                     

The FACE established since 1989 precise limits on conventional military equipment in Europefrom the Atlantic to the Uralsordered the complete destruction of surplus weapons and proposed limits equal to the two "groups of states," NATO and the Pact of Warsaw. However, in 2007 Russia informed the NATO member countries to abandon their intention to fulfill itsobligations under the Treaty.

The British deputy minister for Europe, David Lidington, said today that the UK took thedecision after having made ​​"significant efforts" to achieve greater cooperation from Russia. In aparliamentary written statementLidington said that the United Kingdom and the other NATO members unsuccessfully negotiated with Russia to try to break the deadlock.

Lidington said it is impossible to "continue indefinitely" with a situation in which 29 NATO countries meet their international obligations and the other partyThus, the UK has decided not to continue working with Russia, insisted the deputy minister.

The authority also said that his country will not provide information to the Russians and theannual exchange of data made ​​under the terms of the treaty, scheduled for December 15.

Problems in Thailand pests grow crocodiles and snakes

 Floods in Thailand last month was terrible news, as it causes serious damage to many companies, but mainly caused the unfortunate and irreparable loss of many lives. Although hespent several weeks, many might think that the scenario should be enhanced to Thailand, we regret to report that this is not true, because stagnant water due to floods have caused the emergence of new and serious problems for the population and employees of companies in the areas still affected by flooding.
                                                IT industry plagued with crocodiles -
Those of TechEye several sources tell us that they confirm that although water levels have reduced 20 cm compared to the worst of the flooding, stagnant waters have begun to decompose, causing a very bad smell, and the potential dangers that could lead to a possiblerisk of disease to people living and working in the affected areas, which are forced to pass through these waters using flimsy boats.
As if health risks were not enough, has denounced the presence of crocodiles and snakes on the lookout for people who move around in the boats, as well as semi-flooded garagesand even within their own facilities, where especially snakes they see as a good place to escape thefloodwaters, facts that have caused the need to resort to spraying entire facilities.
Are evidence of the serious damage left by the floods, and above all the pitfalls associated with them, which we hope not followed causing more loss of human lifeTheexperts predict that although the water level has dropped, there is still enough time for the affected areas remain clear. We will keep you informed.

jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

Russian television journalist was fired for obscene gesture to Obama

The Russian TV channel REN-TV announced Thursday the dismissal of a news reporter live fully, to pronounce the name of U.S. President Barack Obama made an obscene gesture with the middle finger.

Tatiana made ​​that gesture Limanova November 14 to read a text about Obama's participation at the summit of the Forum of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (AP EC) in his home state ofHawaii.

Russian President "Dmitry Medvedev today assumed the direction" of AP EC. "This role isplayed by the U.S. President Barack Obama," said the journalist, immediately raising the middle finger of the hand for making an obscene gesture to the camera.

The scene was removed from REN-TV portal, but can still be seen in many online video sites.

The channel said Thursday in a statement that actually ran Limanova his gesture to the camera crew, thinking that his image was not being transmitted.

REN-TV "sees this as a gross violation of the rules of discipline in the antenna and as aprofessional misconduct", the statement explaining the dismissal of the journalist.

Watch the video  here