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U.S. carrier across the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf internal

The U.S. aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln crossed the Strait of Hormuz on Sunday and came to the Persian Gulf, the Pentagon (Defense), after Iran threatened to close the strategic sea route.                                    Imagen:Photographer's Mate 3rd Class Jordon R. Beesley (cc) 
"USS Abraham Lincoln completed a regular and routine transit through the Strait of Hormuz planned to conduct maritime security operations," said DefenseDepartment spokesman John Kirby told AFP via email .

"The transition was completed as planned and without incident."

The carrier, which carries up to 80 aircraft and helicopters, was escorted by themissile cruiser USS Cape St. George and two destroyers.

Earlier the Ministry of Defence in the UK reported that a British frigate and a French ship joined the aircraft carrier group to cross the strait.

While Allied ships are participating in naval exercises in the U.S., Britain and France's presence in the strait seems to be a message to Iran on the Westerndetermination to keep open the sea.

Political and military leaders warned Iran earlier this year that would close the strait if the increasing pressure from Western sanctions over its nuclear program stoppedits oil exports.

The strait is a key route for Gulf oil output.

Iran tried to defuse tensions last week after threatening with a response if the United States resubmitted an aircraft carrier to the Gulf.

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The shock Doctrine

viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Establish that the Gaddafi regime has undeclared chemical weapons

The Organization for the Destruction of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) verified the existence of undeclared chemical weapons were discovered by the Libyan National Transition Council after the fall of the regime of Moammar Jaddafi.                                           Establecen que el régimen de Jaddafi tenía armas químicas no declaradas 
A team of inspectors visited 17 to January 19 to discuss weapons Libya after Tripoli's new government report last year and present the findings on November 28, a formal declaration of weapons, the OPCW said in a statement .
The inspection was to verify the statement regarding the types and quantities of chemical weapons and to help the Libyan authorities in determining whether a part of discovery materials must be declared under the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention Chemical.
The experts determined that the declared chemical weapons consist especially sulfur mustard, also known as mustard gas, which has not been loaded ammunition.
They have also examined, at the request of the Libyan authorities, other weapons, especially artillery, which has been found to be chemical munitions and therefore have to be declared.
All material was stored recently declared in the town of Ruwagha, in southeastern Libya, in a warehouse where sulfur mustard stored chemicals and precursors that have already been declared by the regime of former dictator when Tripoli joined the OPCW in 2004 .
The Government of Jaddafi destroyed 54% of mustard gas were found and 40% chemical precursors before the operation was suspended in February 2011.
Tripoli should be submitted by next April 29 a "detailed plan" that contains the deadlines for stockpile destruction.
The OPCW is responsible for promoting the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, the global treaty entered into force in 1997 to prohibit the use of weapons of mass destruction.
The organization also promotes cooperation in the sphere of the use of chemical weapons for peaceful purposes.

Sarkozy threatens to withdraw troops from Afghanistan after deaths of 4 soldiers

French President Nicolas Sarkozy threatened on Friday with withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and training operations suspended after an Afghan soldier killed four French soldiers, a month after two were killed in the same conditions.                                          Sarkozy amenaza con retirar tropas de Afganistán tras muerte de 4 soldados 
"French armed forces are by their allies, but we can not accept that a soldier is killed or hurt us by our allies," said the president, after the death of four soldiers who joined two French legionnaire killed it one months also an Afghan army gunfire that were forming.
"It is unacceptable and will not accept it," insisted the president, who must meet within a week with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, in Paris to sign a cooperation agreement between the two countries. The Afghan president gave his condolences to France for the deceased.
"All operations of the French army training and fighting are suspended aid," said Sarkozy in a speech to the diplomatic corps.
"If you do not clearly establish the conditions for security, then we will consider the question of an early withdrawal of the French Army," said the authority gala.
For its part, the defense ministry said another 15 French soldiers were wounded in the shooting, eight of them seriously. The portfolio holder, Gerard Longuet, said that the soldiers were not armed and were "killed."
The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said the conditions of recruitment of Afghan forces. Kabul authorities should "commit to take steps to clarify the arrangements for recruitment of Afghan army and ensure the safety of the French," he said.
In his first reaction, the NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, gave his condolences to France. "It's a very sad day for our troops in Afghanistan and the French people," he said.
The International Force Security Assistance (ISAF) had announced just before the death of four of its soldiers by an Afghan military shooting and said that the soldier had been arrested locally.
For now, the French Army gave no details about what happened.
The attack occurred around 08:00 local (00:30 hours in Chile) in Tagab district in Kapisa province, "the area of ​​deployment of French forces, Afghan sources said.
"The alleged attacker was arrested," he said, for its part, ISAF had informed moments before the attack without specifying the nationality of the deceased.
After the shooting, the French army prohibited access to the base of Tagab Afghan soldiers, they said other sources.
On 29 December, an Afghan soldier and killed two French legionnaires who were forming in the province of Kapisa, northeast of Kabul, an area infiltrated by Taliban rebellion.
The four deaths today bring to 82 the number of French soldiers killed in Afghanistan since the start of the deployment of an international force in late 2001.
France currently has 3,600 troops deployed in Afghanistan, after which 400 were withdrawn last October. In total, 130,000 foreign troops, mostly Americans, are currently in that country.

Megaupload Founder resisted arrest and locked in a shielded room founder was arrested at his mansion in Auckland, New Zealand, and appeared in court Friday along with three others responsible for the site as part of a U.S. offensive against illegal downloading on the Internet .
Kim Schmitz, a German citizen of 37 years known as Kim Dotcom, resident in New Zealand and Hong Kong, was arrested in a spectacular raid along with three others responsible for Megaupload: Dutchman Bram van der Kolk and Batata Finn and German 
Mathias Ortmann.
                    Fundador de Megaupload se resistió al arresto y se encerró en un cuarto blindado 
All appeared before a district court of Auckland (North Island), where they were denied bail, police said.
Dotcom Kim's arrest took place within the framework of an operation worthy of a gangster movie, which included a search of ten places in Auckland, including the "Mansion Dotcom."
Police seized several luxury cars, a 1959 pink Cadillac and a Rolls Royce Phantom and a firearm. In addition, eleven million NZ dollars (about 8.79 million U.S. dollars) in bank accounts were blocked.
According to Inspector Grant Wormald, creator tried to take refuge in a shielded room when police arrived.
"Dotcom entered his house and activate various electronic locking mechanisms," he said. 
"Once the police neutralized codes are entrenched in a shielded room (...) and when the police managed to enter Dotcom found near a gun that looked like a hunting rifle with the barrel cut," he added.

Megaupload was closed on Thursday by U.S. authorities in what they described as "one of the biggest cases of violation of copyright ever presented by the United States."
Washington seeks to extradite the four arrested in Auckland to bring them to trial for online piracy, on charges of extortion and money laundering that could lead to prison sentences of 20 years.
The Department of Justice and the FBI charged a total of seven people as "responsible for massive online piracy worldwide from various types of works protected by copyright, through and other related sites."
The defendants have generated more than $ 175 million in criminal activity and caused "more than $ 500 million loss for holders of rights" in their pages by offering movies, series and other pirated products, officials said estadounidenses.O
Three other men remain at large: the German Sven Echternach, 39, Slovak Julius Benck, 35, and Estonian Andrus Nommo, 32.

viernes, 6 de enero de 2012

U.S. launches new military strategy focused on the Asia-Pacific

After a decade of being involved in two simultaneous wars, the U.S. announced its new defense strategy, which envisages a reduction in the number of troops, the overall objectives reorients the Asia-Pacific and, especially, brings down the bulkymilitary budget.
"Our armed forces will be reduced, but the world must know that the U.S. maintain military superiority," said President Barack Obama yesterday in an appearance at the Pentagon.In his rare appearance in the Department of Defense, Obama emphasized that, since the terrorist attacks on America in September 2001, "the military budget has grown rapidly and is now greater than at the end of President George W. Bush" .Anticipating critics, made it clear that the country's military assignments remain greater than the sum of the ten nations that follow the amount of spending on defense.When you are about, Obama said, to "turn the page on a decade of war" in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pentagon spending must be reduced by about 487,000 million dollars in ten years, and that undoubtedly lead to forces armed "lighter" and "less conventional ground forces."In the case of the Army, the figure has come out in the media indicates that the troops would go from 570,000 to 490,000 within 10 years.As the emphasis of the new U.S. strategy now goes to the Asian region, and very in tune with the above, this allows to assume that U.S. military power will increasingly focus on naval and air components."We will strengthen our presence in the Asia-Pacific, and budget cuts will not occur at the expense of this critical region," Obama said, adding that the country will pay close attention to Middle East, denomination ranging from North Africa to Afghanistan .In the document entitled "Sustaining U.S. Global Leadership: Priorities of Defense for the XXI Century", is mentioned directly the growth of China's military power as a cause for concern and suggests that it "must be accompanied by a great clarity of strategic intent to avoid causing frictions in the region. "The Chinese government has been building apace in recent years, submarines, destroyers, fighter jets and ballistic missiles, in a disturbing behavior to its neighbors, which in addition to territorial disputes with the Asian giant, are also closely allied with Washington, as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.Military capabilitiesIn the same press conference where Obama spoke, the Pentagon chief, Leon Panetta said that the U.S. maintain its ability to "fight and defeat an enemy more than once." "The military presence in Europe will adapt and evolve" according to the new strategy.In Latin America and Africa, Washington "seek innovative ways" to maintain its presence and military programs.The U.S. defense budget -Which includes not only military spending but also espionage, weapons research and nuclear programs under the Department of Energy, grew from about $ 300 billion in 2000 to more than $ 700 billion in fiscal 2012 .Within this expenditure, nearly 20% has gone to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, undertaken while the Bush tax cuts, so the funding has been made at the expense of swelling the national debt.For over five decades, the fundamental principle of U.S. military strategy, and occupied also by Bush, has been the ability of its armed forces to address two major wars simultaneously.The new strategy behind this approach and would prefer a lower ability to deliver simultaneous conflicts. According to Obama, the Pentagon will reduce or eliminate some weapons programs and military structures, strengthening its operations and equipment for special forces, defense and space, particularly in cyberspace.The document also mentions the possibility of having smaller nuclear forces."The size and structure of our military and our military budget must respond to a strategy, not vice versa," stressed the President."We will continue doing away with antiquated systems of the Cold War, to invest in intelligence, counterterrorism, elimination of weapons of mass destruction, and the ability to operate where the opponents try to deny us access."

Serbian President was received with stones to visit two monasteries in Kosovo

Hundreds of Albanians protested violently Friday against the visit of Serbian President Boris Tadic, two monasteries in Kosovo.
                                    Presidente serbio es recibido a pedradas por visitar dos monasterios en Kosovo  
Followers of the third largest party in the Parliament of Kosovo, "Vetevendosje" (Self Determinationfor hours blocked access to the monasteries of Decani and Pec in the west.

Witnesses told that angry people threw stones at a convoy. With a delay of hours, the police and military might eventually allow the president's trip from Belgrade toDecani, where Tadic wants to celebrate the Orthodox Christmas.

Kosovo police units, led by Albanians, and associations of the EU mission inKosovo (EULEX) and the international KFOR troops had taken position in the twomonasteries to avoid confrontations.

Officials said the protesters were kept away with pepper spray. Kosovo's government, dominated by Albanians, had allowed Tadic's journey under thecondition that they not make political statements and attend only as a believer. In past years, Tadic did not observe similar conditions.

Kosovo, inhabited almost only by Albanians seceded from Serbia four years ago.While Europe's youngest nation is recognized by nearly 80 percent of countries, Belgrade wants to regain Kosovo.

In the Middle Ages, Kosovo was part of the Serbian kingdomKosovo today live injust ten percent of Serbs. Some of the monasteries of Decani and Pec almost noSerbs liveWhile Serbs in Decani monks 25 praised the visit of Tadic, who considered a sign of support, Albanians saw it as a provocation.

Gala magazine report financial irregularities Carla Bruni Foundation

The French magazine "Marianne" reported Friday that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Foundation, dedicated to the fight against illiteracy, would have received $ 4.45 million unlawfully Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.
                                      Revista gala denuncia irregularidades financieras en fundación de Carla Bruni 

According to the weekly, for tomorrow will publish the entire investigation of journalist Frédéric Martel, the fund-of which the French president's wife is an ambassador-transferred the money "outside the law, no-bid, at the request of the First Lady France and several companies of one of his friends. "This is the musician and businessman Julien Civange adds the publication, counselor and wedding witness Carla Bruni with French Head of State, Nicolas Sarkozy.The scandal referred to "Marianne" and still does not offer many details because it would have cost the French Ambassador on AIDS, Patrice Debré, once came to light in the board that the institution is held in Accra ( Ghana) in late November.French diplomacy, however, attributes the Debré output to "a change of positioning of the fund", the newspaper "Libération".In addition, at the request of Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, the CEO of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Michel Kazatchkine French, will step down after the presidential elections to be held in France next spring."Nicolas Sarkozy would have acted in this respect and the highest level in Washington," said "Marianne".The station "France Info" noted that "since the issue exploded in late 2011, the Elysee Palace was cut all financial ties between the founding of the first lady and the bottom."Civange, meanwhile, declined to comment, but sent word to the station that "there is no criminal act that seek" regarding him or the general manager of the fund.The friend of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who was in charge of the campaign fund "Born HIV Free" (born without HIV), provides "a certain character likelihood" to the investigation of "Marianne", but believes that "the facts have swollen. "For its part, the fund held in a statement that the article is "inaccurate and tricky" and stressed that the campaign in which he participated Civange "was reflected in the regular budget of the fund" and represents a total of 2.8 million dollars, or less than the amount referred to the magazine."The campaign received significant support from several media partners in the form of advertising and creative services offered free of charge, but whose value rises to $ 20.4 million," he said.