viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Establish that the Gaddafi regime has undeclared chemical weapons

The Organization for the Destruction of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) verified the existence of undeclared chemical weapons were discovered by the Libyan National Transition Council after the fall of the regime of Moammar Jaddafi.                                           Establecen que el régimen de Jaddafi tenía armas químicas no declaradas 
A team of inspectors visited 17 to January 19 to discuss weapons Libya after Tripoli's new government report last year and present the findings on November 28, a formal declaration of weapons, the OPCW said in a statement .
The inspection was to verify the statement regarding the types and quantities of chemical weapons and to help the Libyan authorities in determining whether a part of discovery materials must be declared under the provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention Chemical.
The experts determined that the declared chemical weapons consist especially sulfur mustard, also known as mustard gas, which has not been loaded ammunition.
They have also examined, at the request of the Libyan authorities, other weapons, especially artillery, which has been found to be chemical munitions and therefore have to be declared.
All material was stored recently declared in the town of Ruwagha, in southeastern Libya, in a warehouse where sulfur mustard stored chemicals and precursors that have already been declared by the regime of former dictator when Tripoli joined the OPCW in 2004 .
The Government of Jaddafi destroyed 54% of mustard gas were found and 40% chemical precursors before the operation was suspended in February 2011.
Tripoli should be submitted by next April 29 a "detailed plan" that contains the deadlines for stockpile destruction.
The OPCW is responsible for promoting the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention, the global treaty entered into force in 1997 to prohibit the use of weapons of mass destruction.
The organization also promotes cooperation in the sphere of the use of chemical weapons for peaceful purposes.

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