viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Sarkozy threatens to withdraw troops from Afghanistan after deaths of 4 soldiers

French President Nicolas Sarkozy threatened on Friday with withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and training operations suspended after an Afghan soldier killed four French soldiers, a month after two were killed in the same conditions.                                          Sarkozy amenaza con retirar tropas de Afganistán tras muerte de 4 soldados 
"French armed forces are by their allies, but we can not accept that a soldier is killed or hurt us by our allies," said the president, after the death of four soldiers who joined two French legionnaire killed it one months also an Afghan army gunfire that were forming.
"It is unacceptable and will not accept it," insisted the president, who must meet within a week with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, in Paris to sign a cooperation agreement between the two countries. The Afghan president gave his condolences to France for the deceased.
"All operations of the French army training and fighting are suspended aid," said Sarkozy in a speech to the diplomatic corps.
"If you do not clearly establish the conditions for security, then we will consider the question of an early withdrawal of the French Army," said the authority gala.
For its part, the defense ministry said another 15 French soldiers were wounded in the shooting, eight of them seriously. The portfolio holder, Gerard Longuet, said that the soldiers were not armed and were "killed."
The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe said the conditions of recruitment of Afghan forces. Kabul authorities should "commit to take steps to clarify the arrangements for recruitment of Afghan army and ensure the safety of the French," he said.
In his first reaction, the NATO secretary general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, gave his condolences to France. "It's a very sad day for our troops in Afghanistan and the French people," he said.
The International Force Security Assistance (ISAF) had announced just before the death of four of its soldiers by an Afghan military shooting and said that the soldier had been arrested locally.
For now, the French Army gave no details about what happened.
The attack occurred around 08:00 local (00:30 hours in Chile) in Tagab district in Kapisa province, "the area of ​​deployment of French forces, Afghan sources said.
"The alleged attacker was arrested," he said, for its part, ISAF had informed moments before the attack without specifying the nationality of the deceased.
After the shooting, the French army prohibited access to the base of Tagab Afghan soldiers, they said other sources.
On 29 December, an Afghan soldier and killed two French legionnaires who were forming in the province of Kapisa, northeast of Kabul, an area infiltrated by Taliban rebellion.
The four deaths today bring to 82 the number of French soldiers killed in Afghanistan since the start of the deployment of an international force in late 2001.
France currently has 3,600 troops deployed in Afghanistan, after which 400 were withdrawn last October. In total, 130,000 foreign troops, mostly Americans, are currently in that country.

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