sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

Thousands of Russians across the country demonstrate against election results

Thousands of Russians began to appear Saturday at the extreme east of the country and in Siberia, before a large demonstration in Moscow, in an unprecedented day of action against the outcome of the parliamentary party that won the Vladimir Putin.
Hundreds of people responded in social networks are called to appear on Saturday across the country. This week there were demonstrations in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and were the first since Putin came to power in 2000.
These demonstrations were broken up harshly by police, who arrested 1,600 people in both cities.
"Annul the election results", "Counterfeiters to jail!", Required about 500 protesters in Vladivostok, the Russian port of the Pacific coast, seven time zones away from Moscow.
Other demonstrations were also held in Blagovechensk, Chita and Ulan-Ude, eastern Siberia, with the assistance of hundreds or thousands, depending on the locale.
Tens of thousands are expected from 14:00 pm local (07:00 in Chile) in Moscow to denounce the election results, fraudulent by the opposition.
A helicopter flew over the center of the city at low altitude.
The Official Journal published on Saturday the official election results confirming the victory of ruling party United Russia with 49.32% of votes and an absolute majority of 238 seats out of 450 in the Duma (lower house).
The mission of observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) said in Moscow on Monday that it had found irregularities "frequent" and "serious indications that the polls were filled with votes" not issued at the end of the election .
The organizers of the demonstrations - a set of political movements and social organizations - negotiated with the mayor of Moscow's permission to organize in the city center that brings together a rally to 30,000. Authorities warned that number could not be overcome.
The State will use "all lawful means" to suppress any incident, said this week Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
Putin also accused the U.S. of having encouraged the protests, spurring a picture of "chaos" for which he claimed would have been delivered "hundreds of millions of dollars."

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