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A conflict between Iran and USA. UU. MAY RESULT IN THE THIRD WORLD WAR

The United States is carrying out a great plan of dominion over North Africa, Middle East andCentral Asia to the Russian borderso that this country is surrounded by U.S. bases, according to some experts suspectThe drone of the U.S. Air ForceUUSunday brought down by theIranian army in the vicinity of the uranium enrichment plant Fordu, could have been just one of the tools to carry out this major project in the Middle East.

The radio host and blogger Stephen Lendman Independent notes that, despite the U.S. shiphad no weapons on board, the conspiracy could be a preparatory step ahead of "whatever you want to do EEUU. Now." "The game of American country-Lendman-points is to eliminate those countries that are outside its sphere of influence. There was a war in Libya, Syria is in the spotlight now and the Libyan scenario is being repeated here, Iran is the next. There is a strong possibility that a conflict arises there too, "he says.

Is a Third World War?

At the same time, for Lendman Iran has enough capacity to deal with the United States: "It's agreat country with a strong military capability and if necessary their arms reaching U.S. territory.""If Iran is attacked by EEUUor Israel will respondand respond strongly, "said the specialist,even claiming that World War III could break out as a result of an attack.

It also reiterates its absolute security Lendman that Iran does not develop and has neverdeveloped nuclear weapons: "There is no other country that has cooperated with both the IAEAand despite this, the nuclear regulator is presenting false accusations against the Islamic country.

Other experts expressed similar views to that of Stephen LendmanFor example, the British journalist Afshin Rattansi, an expert, a regular contributor to RT, says U.S. spyingUUon Iran that Americans refuse to admit is "yet another violation of international law", a link in the chain ofillegitimate actions of the United States. Another expert in Middle Eastern politics, Wilfredo RuizArm believes that this act by the U.S.UUdemonstrates the strong deterioration of relationsbetween Iran and the West, but also notes that does not mean to be an imminent bursting of a military conflict between the two countries.

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