viernes, 20 de enero de 2012

Megaupload Founder resisted arrest and locked in a shielded room founder was arrested at his mansion in Auckland, New Zealand, and appeared in court Friday along with three others responsible for the site as part of a U.S. offensive against illegal downloading on the Internet .
Kim Schmitz, a German citizen of 37 years known as Kim Dotcom, resident in New Zealand and Hong Kong, was arrested in a spectacular raid along with three others responsible for Megaupload: Dutchman Bram van der Kolk and Batata Finn and German 
Mathias Ortmann.
                    Fundador de Megaupload se resistió al arresto y se encerró en un cuarto blindado 
All appeared before a district court of Auckland (North Island), where they were denied bail, police said.
Dotcom Kim's arrest took place within the framework of an operation worthy of a gangster movie, which included a search of ten places in Auckland, including the "Mansion Dotcom."
Police seized several luxury cars, a 1959 pink Cadillac and a Rolls Royce Phantom and a firearm. In addition, eleven million NZ dollars (about 8.79 million U.S. dollars) in bank accounts were blocked.
According to Inspector Grant Wormald, creator tried to take refuge in a shielded room when police arrived.
"Dotcom entered his house and activate various electronic locking mechanisms," he said. 
"Once the police neutralized codes are entrenched in a shielded room (...) and when the police managed to enter Dotcom found near a gun that looked like a hunting rifle with the barrel cut," he added.

Megaupload was closed on Thursday by U.S. authorities in what they described as "one of the biggest cases of violation of copyright ever presented by the United States."
Washington seeks to extradite the four arrested in Auckland to bring them to trial for online piracy, on charges of extortion and money laundering that could lead to prison sentences of 20 years.
The Department of Justice and the FBI charged a total of seven people as "responsible for massive online piracy worldwide from various types of works protected by copyright, through and other related sites."
The defendants have generated more than $ 175 million in criminal activity and caused "more than $ 500 million loss for holders of rights" in their pages by offering movies, series and other pirated products, officials said estadounidenses.O
Three other men remain at large: the German Sven Echternach, 39, Slovak Julius Benck, 35, and Estonian Andrus Nommo, 32.

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