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Somali pirates free tanker hijacked in April but kept four hostages

Somali pirates threatening shipping routes in northeast Africa which left a tanker into their custody for seven months and released 21 of its crew.                                  Piratas somalíes liberan tanquero secuestrado desde abril pero mantienen 4 rehenes
The band was left with four South Korean nationals, who held hostage.

The pirates disembarked their prisoners and now hiding somewhere in the Somali territory,become virtual "no man's land" by the continued internal conflicts affecting the African country.

The ship, the MT Gemini, was based in Singapore and was carrying 28,000 tonnes of palm oilfrom Indonesia when he was intercepted off the coast of Indonesia on 16 April.

The freed hostages, 13 Indonesians, five Chinese and three citizens of Myanmar, were in good physical condition.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea said it cooperates closely with the Glory Ship Management company, which owns the vessel, to obtain the release of the four remaininghostages, but reiterated that country's policy of not negotiating with pirates.

In enereo past, South Korean military forces conducted an operation against hijackers who had boarded a cargo vessel of that nationality. The troops killed eight pirates and took another five to Seoul, where they were tried and given long sentences.

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