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Los Angeles police arrested more than 300 people in evacuation camp "outraged"

The United States riot police finally cleared the camp was "outraged" that was in front of the municipal headquarters in Los Angeles, after tense hours after an ultimatum expired authorities.
                         Policía de Los Ángeles detuvo a más de 300 personas en desalojo de campamento 'indignado'
The operation was carried out peacefully and without deployment of tear gas, as has happened in other cities where similar events have occurredOnly there were some scuffles between players and participants in the protest.

The camp, which remained in place for weeks, was one of the largest West Coast Grew toabout 500 stores and 700 to 800 occupants.

The mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, had tolerated the protest of the "outraged" and even ordered that they be given shelter from the cold.

However, he decided to act after complaints from neighbors and authorities on public health problems and damage to property associated with the camp.

The mayor's strategy was to establish a deadline for eviction on Monday, which did not apply for 48 hours to facilitate most of the protesters to leave.

In another eviction occurred in the last hours, a group of protesters left their camp in Philadelphia without incident. However, riots triggered after departure left a toll of some 50detainees.

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