lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Russia sent warships to Syria to prevent any attack from NATO

Russia sent warships to Syrian waters, to prevent any foreign attack on the nation under the pretext of humanitarian intervention. Moscow has supported the government of Bashar Al Assad.Moscow did not want the situation depending on the variant development in Libya. And why insist that the president of Syria and the opposition to sit at the negotiating table. Lavrov is convinced that such is the vector of efforts of the entire international community.We propose to all states to advocate a peaceful adjustment of the Syrian political crisis to support the demand to cease the violence. This goes not only to the Syrian authorities but also to all opposition groups. This should be done on behalf of the Arab League, of those states from which operates the Syrian opposition. 

Elstead Sunday ultimatum expired term of the Arab League to Syria. Damascus must stop the suppression of the opposition and observers give the League the possibility of arrival.If this happens, Syria will be issued against economic and other sanctions. At the same time, is just one of the common appearance of the League. In the Arab world there is no unity regarding Syria, says political scientist Sergei Demidenko.The Arab League initiatives are magnificent. But the mood of the main actors in the process Syrian Saudi Arabia and Qatar, is unanimous: Asad must leave. Despite the peace initiatives of Er Riyadh and Doha in the international arena, their actions say for real that they intend to overthrow Assad.
The radical demands of the pressure on Damascus from neighboring countries, are an increasingly paid field in Syria itself. The cause is the lack of decision in the practice of reform and dialogue with the opposition, believes Vladimir Sotnikov, an expert of Arab Research Center of the Institute of World Economy and International Politics of the Academy of Sciences of Russia.The control of the so-called Liberation Army announced Syrian and the formation of "supreme military commander" who will fight for the overthrow of Assad. What gave rise to Moscow to declare that Syria is probably on the verge of civil war.Meanwhile, the press service spokesman of the Department of State Mark Toner disagrees with that conclusion. Prior confirmed that Washington would take measures to pressure Assad.Without specifying the details. 
Due to the hot situation and Morocco France revoked its ambassador from Damascus. The head of the Foreign Ministry of France Alain Juppe admitted the possibility of foreign military interference in the internal conflict and noted that the Syrian UN should give his sanction to this measure.

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