lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2011

Thailand and the consequences of floods

Floods in Thailand have not only been a setback for thousands and thousands who have lost everything because of one of the worst floods in living memory but also has affected so many very serious hardware manufacturers, especially those engaged in the manufacture of HDD's (or essential components for manufacturing the same).

Thailand collects 25% of the total production of hard drives in the world. Some large companies that manufacture these products have been strongly affected by flooding in the Asian country.So much so that the market price of these devices with 1TB capacity has increased by 180% in one month.
The rainy season in Southeast Asia is being particularly disastrous in Thailand. In that country and has killed more than 500 dead, more than 200,000 people evacuated and more than two million homeless.
The balance of the human toll becomes ridiculous any attempt to look at the damage. Even so, the data on the production of hard disks gives an idea of
​​how it is configured the manufacturing industry of electronic components.
In Thailand is 25% of world production of hard disks. Therefore flooding in recent months have caused the price of these devices (the line with 1TB storage capacity) increases by 180% in just one month.
Some of the major brands that manufacture hard drives, like Western Digital and Toshiba, have been significantly affected by the disaster. However other companies like Seagate, have not noticed both the consequences.
The price of 1.5 TB hard drives has increased by 100%, 2TB now cost 80% more 3TB and 30% more.
So I would like to warn everyone that prices are sky high (approximately 2x compared to the price at which they were a few weeks ago) that will continue to rise and that there may be problems of stock. Not surprisingly the main Newegg and NCIX American stores have begun to ration the supply of HDD's putting limits on the number of units a person can key with every purchase.

Keep in mind that these brutal price increases to be passed to any component that has a HDD in it ... and many more peripherals whose manufacture has been greatly impaired.
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