martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

The revolution of the outraged and the judge's ruling New York

 During the day, has been closed by the mayor, who issued the eviction.
The protesters may return to the place, but not installed, the judge said.

The judge of the Supreme Court of New York State Michael Stallman has ruled against the outraged Wall Street and prohibited camping again in the square where they were evacuated early this morning by order of Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He has given late in the afternoon on Tuesday a ruling that supports the eviction order of the square Zuccotti, the financial heart of America, where fans were installed occupies movement Wall Street last September 17 to protest the excesses of the financial system.The judge's order does not prevent returning to the place, renamed Freedom Square, but can not re-install their tents, as requested by the authorities of the site owners, Brooffield Properties, Efe reported.During the day, the judge had suspedido precautionary evacuation order, a decision had no practical effect because the place had been completely evacuated and remained closed throughout the day.The protesters "have failed to demonstrate that their stay in the square Zuccotti is covered by the First Amendment" of the U.S. Constitution, which enshrines the principle of free speech, said the judge.Stallman has stated that read "tents, electric generators" and the rest of infrastructure prevented the park owner to meet their "duty of maintenance," and the "right of citizens to enjoy the space with total security "reports AFP.

Bloomberg takes the lead.

"The decision was mine and mine alone," said Bloomberg on the eviction order in the morning, and stood at about 200 detainees.Bloomberg has said he decided to evacuate the place because it was becoming "a place where people did not come to protest, but to break the law and, in some cases, harm to others" because "some business had received threats' and neighbors feared "for its quality of life.""Most of the protesters have been peaceful and responsible, but a minority has not been unfortunate," said the billionaire mayor.Bloomberg added that the city laws and regulations specifically governing Zuccotti Park indicate that the space must be open 24 hours a day "for the passive enjoyment of the public", something that was impossible since the camp was planted Movement is now Wall Street two months ago.

The eviction was initiated to 0820 hours, when police began deploying trucks in the area while closed to traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, which connects the district with that of Manhattan, as well as some metro stations in the area .A few minutes later, several New York police helicopters hovered overhead and hundreds of police reached the area, which prevented the press access to the plaza, and began the eviction, which resulted in clashes that led to the arrest of several hundreds of people.Among those arrested, was the Dominican-born Democrat Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, who suffered "a head wound," according to those responsible for the motion and Councilman Jumaane Williams confirmed via Twitter.Meanwhile, the outraged have been collected elsewhere in Lower Manhattan and have become the central Canal Street to protest the eviction."The Freedom Square (the name has given the venue) has been evicted, but not his spirit has been defeated. Today we are stronger than yesterday and tomorrow will be even stronger," stated the move "Wall Street occupies" in a statement that called on New Yorkers to join in their march through the streets of New York

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