jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

Syrian Arab League agree to send observers to assess situation in protests

Syria agreed to a plan of the Arab League to send observers to assess the situation on the ground around the protests against President Bashar al-Assad and sign a protocol to be carriedout, said Thursday the Iraqi foreign minister.

The acceptance by Syria of a proposal that has previously soughtwould amend what appeared to be a last attempt to avoid sanctions that were being discussed by the Arab foreign ministersmeeting in Cairo.

"Syria is in complete agreement with the protocol," said Iraqi Minister Hoshiyar Zebari told reporters on the sidelines of the meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo to discuss the case of Syria.

On behalf of Syria there was no immediate confirmation of the Arab League officials were not immediately available for comment.

The protocol would be signed by Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad, after previously rejected the Arab League in Damascus order to make amendments, said Zebari.

Also said the Arab ministers agreed on the need to fully stop the violence in Syria.

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