jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

Putin says Russia will be instability if his party fails most

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, now threatened with instability in Russia, if the party he heads, United Russia (RU), does not achieve a majority in parliamentary elections on December 4.
"In this regard, I would highlight the need for you to achieve the maximum possible results in these elections," Putin said during a meeting with parliamentary leaders of the UK, according to Russian news agencies.
Otherwise, he added, "as in other countries we can not take the necessary decisions at the right time, and we can only make promises and live at the expense of future generations."
"What happens to our European friends and our partners in the U.S. is the result of the lack of consolidation in society, when they can not agree on major political forces," he said.
Putin believes that, through close cooperation between the government and the ruling party's parliamentary majority, Russia was not pushed to the "yoke of debt," and cited the example of the problems in Portugal, Greece and Italy.
The Russian leader and the opposition called yesterday that puts the national interest to the party on the eve of parliamentary elections to the risks of instability due to the global financial crisis.
"The country's stability, sovereignty, the welfare of millions of people are things that must come before party interests," he proclaimed.
In his opinion, "the only criterion here is the benefit to Russia," to be held this December 4 parliamentary elections.
According to surveys, the Kremlin party, United Russia, will not exceed 50 percent of the vote in legislative elections, although due to the system of allocation of seats, is likely to renew its absolute majority in the Duma or camera MEPs.
96% of Russians are convinced of the victory of United Russia, but at the same time more than half of Russians believe that the elections "will be an imitation of voting and the allocation of seats will be determined by the authorities" and that methods used "dirty".
Also accede to the parliamentary spectrum communists and nationalists, and predictably the Fair Russia party, while the minor parties will remain outside the Duma.

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