lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Bloody day in Iraq: 17 dead and 50 wounded in wave of attacks

At least 17 people were killed and some 50 wounded in various attacks in Iraq, including one that could have been caused by a suicide bomber near a prison outside Baghdad.                               Sangrienta jornada en Irak: 17 muertos y 50 heridos en ola de atentados
This wave of attacks occur within weeks of the end of the operations of U.S. military withdrawalafter eight years in the country, causing concerns about the ability of Iraqi security forces to ensure stability and security.

A car bomb exploded outside the main entrance Hut prison in Taji, causing, according to anInterior Ministry source, 13 dead and 28 wounded.


About the Parliament, located in the green zone, two people died and one Iraqi deputy was wounded by a mortar round on Monday, said a parliamentarian and security officials.

"A mortar shell landed near the car park of the parliament. A colleague (the deputy) to TayebMujahid was wounded," he said MP Ali al Chila. Another member of the Defense Ministry for its part reported three dead and four wounded.

In Kirkuk, a provincial council member in the region, Ali Mahdi, was hit by three bombs, but was unharmed, according to General Turhan Abdulrahman.

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