lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Following the violence, the Egyptian government resigns to meet Military

The Egyptian government has tendered his resignation to the military junta that runs the country, amid violent protests taking place in Egypt, said the Council of Ministers in a statement the following:
"Because of the difficulties the country is facing today, the government will take office until the Council of the Armed Forces make a decision about it," he said.
However, Efe said a spokesman for one of the parties in the government, who declined to beidentified, the military leadership has accepted the resignation of the entire government, althoughno official confirmation yet.

The Cabinet argues that "follows with great interest the development of events unfortunate livesEgypt" and that has killed at least 23 people so far and thousands injured.
"The government assumes political responsibility, expresses regret these painful events and, based on this sentiment, yesterday presented his resignation and made ​​available to theSupreme Council of the Armed Forces," it said.

"We call on citizens to control and calm to restore stability to the country and to pave the way fordemocratic step, which is holding its legislative elections date", ie from November 28, stressed the executive. EFE

The Ministry of Health confirmed on Saturday that so far have killed 33 people and injured 700thousand, mainly due to blowswounds and real rubber bullets and tear gas inhalation.

The clashes are the most violent and deadly in this Arab nation since the fall of Mubarak and occur when missing exactly one week for the first phase of parliamentary elections on November 28 so far unchanged, despite the complex situation.


The electoral process:
- The Egyptian military has distributed the elections for security reasons in three major phaseswhich contribute to different parts of the country: 28 November 14 December and 10 January.

- Number of candidates registered: 15,000.
- Number of parties who attend: 55.
- Wards 46.
- Seats in dispute: 498. There are 10 wild cards.
- System: mixed, closed party lists and open to independent candidates (they reserve one thirdof the seats).
- It is forbidden the use of religious slogans.
- Main block parties: Democratic Alliance (includes Liberty and Justice, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood). Egyptian block (together the liberal and leftist parties). The third way (centrist and youth of the Muslim Brotherhood).

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