viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

Problems in Thailand pests grow crocodiles and snakes

 Floods in Thailand last month was terrible news, as it causes serious damage to many companies, but mainly caused the unfortunate and irreparable loss of many lives. Although hespent several weeks, many might think that the scenario should be enhanced to Thailand, we regret to report that this is not true, because stagnant water due to floods have caused the emergence of new and serious problems for the population and employees of companies in the areas still affected by flooding.
                                                IT industry plagued with crocodiles -
Those of TechEye several sources tell us that they confirm that although water levels have reduced 20 cm compared to the worst of the flooding, stagnant waters have begun to decompose, causing a very bad smell, and the potential dangers that could lead to a possiblerisk of disease to people living and working in the affected areas, which are forced to pass through these waters using flimsy boats.
As if health risks were not enough, has denounced the presence of crocodiles and snakes on the lookout for people who move around in the boats, as well as semi-flooded garagesand even within their own facilities, where especially snakes they see as a good place to escape thefloodwaters, facts that have caused the need to resort to spraying entire facilities.
Are evidence of the serious damage left by the floods, and above all the pitfalls associated with them, which we hope not followed causing more loss of human lifeTheexperts predict that although the water level has dropped, there is still enough time for the affected areas remain clear. We will keep you informed.

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