viernes, 25 de noviembre de 2011

London chooses not to share military information to Moscow

The British government said Friday it will share military information with Russia under the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) to that country's refusal to comply with this agreement.                                     

The FACE established since 1989 precise limits on conventional military equipment in Europefrom the Atlantic to the Uralsordered the complete destruction of surplus weapons and proposed limits equal to the two "groups of states," NATO and the Pact of Warsaw. However, in 2007 Russia informed the NATO member countries to abandon their intention to fulfill itsobligations under the Treaty.

The British deputy minister for Europe, David Lidington, said today that the UK took thedecision after having made ​​"significant efforts" to achieve greater cooperation from Russia. In aparliamentary written statementLidington said that the United Kingdom and the other NATO members unsuccessfully negotiated with Russia to try to break the deadlock.

Lidington said it is impossible to "continue indefinitely" with a situation in which 29 NATO countries meet their international obligations and the other partyThus, the UK has decided not to continue working with Russia, insisted the deputy minister.

The authority also said that his country will not provide information to the Russians and theannual exchange of data made ​​under the terms of the treaty, scheduled for December 15.

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