lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2011

Iran says U.S. has prevented and Israel spies infiltrate their territory

The Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi, said his department has foiled most attempts by U.S. intelligence services and Israel, the CIA and Mossadto infiltrate personnel within thecountry or commit attacks against scientists.

"Most of the plots hatched by the Americans and the Mosad to employ people in Iran failed,while those who were drawn to be of service to have been arrested," Moslehi said yesterdayfollowing a ministerial meeting, said today the local agency "Fars".
                              Irán afirma que ha impedido a EE.UU. e Israel infiltrar espías en su territorio
The minister said flatly: "We have absolute control of those who were deceived and those whohave shown an affinity for the enemy."

According to Moslehi, the U.S. and Israeli secret services try to attract Iranian scientiststraveling abroad and online, but said that "most of the time fail," and praised the "good control of the Iranian intelligence apparatus (which he heads) on these activities. "

The minister's remarks came days after an Iranian parliamentarian indicates that a dozensuspected spies working for the American CIA had recently been arrested by the intelligence services of Iran and the Lebanese Shiite Muslim armed group Hezbollah.

Last May, Moslehi also reported the arrest of 30 suspected spies working for the U.S.Hezbollah and Israel and other arrests reported this year.

Iran has repeatedly accused the CIA and Mossad involved in the killing of several Iranian nuclear scientists and try to boycott its nuclear facilities with computer viruses.

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