jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011

Russian television journalist was fired for obscene gesture to Obama

The Russian TV channel REN-TV announced Thursday the dismissal of a news reporter live fully, to pronounce the name of U.S. President Barack Obama made an obscene gesture with the middle finger.

Tatiana made ​​that gesture Limanova November 14 to read a text about Obama's participation at the summit of the Forum of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (AP EC) in his home state ofHawaii.

Russian President "Dmitry Medvedev today assumed the direction" of AP EC. "This role isplayed by the U.S. President Barack Obama," said the journalist, immediately raising the middle finger of the hand for making an obscene gesture to the camera.

The scene was removed from REN-TV portal, but can still be seen in many online video sites.

The channel said Thursday in a statement that actually ran Limanova his gesture to the camera crew, thinking that his image was not being transmitted.

REN-TV "sees this as a gross violation of the rules of discipline in the antenna and as aprofessional misconduct", the statement explaining the dismissal of the journalist.

Watch the video  here 

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